Name Market Cap Price Volume (24h) Circulating Supply Change (24h)
BTC 1059529.84699860 BTC $3892.3032 0.13023775 BTC 4.48592905 BTC 0.26%
MKR 69.21450492 BTC $497.8814 0.00001338 BTC 0.25692000 BTC 0.60%
BCH 86564.63469768 BTC $166.3703 0.00714860 BTC 4.50799231 BTC 1.04%
ETH 360865.04686500 BTC $151.2833 0.08081596 BTC 26.76375694 BTC 0.76%
XIN 15.95678736 BTC $91.9324 0.00000230 BTC 0.25692000 BTC -2.16%
DASH 50348.12142588 BTC $82.9475 0.00260572 BTC 2.19596692 BTC 0.22%
ZEC 20505.95135988 BTC $59.5432 0.00280083 BTC 1.43649599 BTC 0.38%
XMR 6097.86491388 BTC $50.5500 0.00053379 BTC 4.28880435 BTC 0.34%
LTC 55919.97424092 BTC $32.4157 0.00988024 BTC 15.37758100 BTC 0.20%
DGD 37.15911036 BTC $20.4140 0.00003744 BTC 0.51384000 BTC 0.85%
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We at HashForex

The match order trading facility uses advanced Algorithms, supported by specialized trade engines. The apply market making trading, high frequency trading and high volume orders are swiftly executed by Order-book liquidity.

HashForex is a platform for everyone which provides excellent opportunity to buy and sell Bit Coin, Alt coin, Token. Moreover this is a perfect place for ICO listing and developing new ICO's by predictable analysis of market. HashForex provides additional features to its clients who want to use our services such as promotion of their upcoming ICO's. We are keen and dedicated set of people who take high interest levels in Cryptocurrency market and upcoming changes, moreover we take care of our Users/Traders at the utmost level and this requires to keep them updated with all the latest news of market. To achieve full transparency of this feature we have added an informative section to our exchange-site as “NEWS UPDATE”, through we not just keep our client/traders updated but also the end users.

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Top-notch features

We make cryptocurrencies purchases run smoothly for everyone

Quick transactions

Reduction in market volatility by the use of Real-Time purchases which are facilitated by easy secure and direct payment methods that makes the transaction easy, fast and hassle free.

Go Global

We provide exchange services globally believing in GOING GLOBAL RATHER LOCAL. Go beyond credit cards, use of local currency facilitating the availability of high limits and liquidity.


Its a one stop solution for all traders, users, business associates, etc. At HashForex you get all you want to trade in Cryptocurrency. The user friendly E-commerce interface makes purchasing easy and fast.


Earn for free and gain Interest by using referral account. Add others to HashForex and become a profit partner on their trading with HashForex up-to 50%..

Low trading Charges

Transparent pricing for commission as low as 0.02% for everyone. The convenience of buying and selling is provided by availing any payment option desired by User/Trader.

Dedicated Support

Our account management team is committed to supporting your Crypto needs at any time.

Secure payment

Full data encryption functioning facilitates encrypted transactions. In an online communication, a SSL security is established for encrypted links between web server and browser. Security is enhanced over the attacks from cross site via scripting through XSS.


The most exclusive add-on given by HashForex is an unique platform where you can become a part of the traders club and be able to interact with them easily and avail services such as getting an expert trader of your choice to trade for you. This includes top sellers, Top buyers and overall traders who are ranked by their trading skills.

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